Let’s face it; your wedding day will be full of pictures from start to end. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have hundreds of photos to choose from, but there are five photos that you’ll definitely regret not taking. Tell your photographer in advance so they can work these adorable shots into your day, like the groom kissing the bride on the forehead. This intimate picture can be taken in a secluded area, giving the newlyweds a moment to breathe and appreciate each other, and get the moment captured in a photo!

Another necessary shot is of the bride, her mother and the groom’s mother along with the grandmothers. This generational photo is not only a great additional to the wedding photo album but can also be used as a thank you gift after the wedding, printed and framed. Throughout the day there will be plenty of pictures of the bride, but you should also make sure to get a few candid photos of the groom. Instructing the photographer specifically to do this will give the bride a photo of her new husband for her desk, purse or anything else.

Not all the important pictures are of the bride and groom, most of them yes, but not all of them. One of the last two pictures you can’t forget is of the cake. When its eaten and long gone, you’ll be happy you have a picture of it so you can remember how beautiful it was before you ate it. In addition, make sure to get a picture of the wedding rings. This shot might seem a no-brainer, but so many couples forget about how many unique and creative ways there are to photograph their wedding rings on the wedding day like on top of the champagne cork or in the bride’s bouquet. These five photo opportunities are fun, unique and must-haves for any bride and groom.


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